Indigi 3G Unlocked Android 5.1 Marshmallow Smart Watch Phone (3G+WiFi) GPS(Maps) + Bluetooth Compatible

Indigi 3G Unlocked Android 5.1 Marshmallow Smart Watch Phone (3G+WiFi) GPS(Maps) + Bluetooth Compatible

Price: $149.99
(as of Apr 25,2020 10:33:29 UTC – Details)

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The latest XS11 Android 5.1 SmartWatch offers outstanding performance with the Quad-Core CPU, AMOLED Display, and superb functionality. This smart watch phone is exactly what the modern day individual needs when it comes to sophistication and practicality with a wrist-watch. Having many benefits, the XS11 smartwatch makes talking and texting easier as you can directly reply or pickup a call or text from your smartwatch. No more digging through your pocket or bag to look for your phone; when it starts ringing, you can simply hold your wrist up to your face and talk that way, saving time and weight as this phone watch is much lighter than a regular mobile phone. There is Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity available with the XS11 that allows you to sync and pair with other Bluetooth compatible devices such as mobile phones or headsets.(The bluetooth headset is not included and sold separately) The user-interface is simple to use on the 1.54-inch AMOLED display, plus it comes with the most responsive touch screen to date, sharing the same AMOLED display as the leading smartwatches. Also making this 3G watch phone even smarter is the Android operating system that is pre-installed allowing for simple navigation as well as creating your own lay-out and app placement, in addition to the rich Google Play store that has an abundant amount of apps ready to be downloaded. You can update your Facebook, tweet on Twitter or play games all from the expediency from your wrist. A really clever function with this smart phone watch is that it can take remote control your Phone’s shutter, resulting in clear images that were taken directly from your wrist.

【 1.54-inch AMOLED Display 】- The same AMOLED display being used in the XS11 SmartWatch, is the same AMOLED display used in leading brands providing a crisp and clear image with accurate colors
【 Bluetooth 4.2 Sync 】- Equipped with the Bluetooth 4.2, the XS11 pairs and stays connected to your SmartPhone without constant disconnection as other smartwatches do
【 Magnetic Charger 】- The XS11 utilizes a magnetic charger, which provides faster and more efficient transfer of energy as opposed to micro/mini USB connectors
【 QuadCore CPU 】- Equipped with a QuadCore CPU running up to 1.3GHz, the XS11 provides smooth, multi-tasking abilities, with ample storage for your smartwatch needs

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